6 Best Umbrella Stand For Wind Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

6 Best Umbrella Stand For Wind Reviews & User Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2021)

Best Umbrella stand For Wind Reviews.The Best Umbrella Base for wind is the Abba Patio Round Market-Placed Umbrella Base “Wayfair linkThe Abba Patio Round Steel Market Patio Umbrella Base. 

Its sturdy steel construction, low footprint, and toe-friendly design make it the most attractive base for your patio umbrella. Although it’s costly compared to the other Base listed, If you’re planning to carry an expansive umbrella and the frames are on display, it is essential to have a high-quality, attractive base for your umbrella.

For a thorough review of this base weight for umbrellas, check out our product Reviews Section below.

Best Umbrella Base For Wind


1,269 Ratings

If you’re seeking more miniature umbrellas or planning to use the base together and a dining table, it is recommended to purchase the TropiShade Cast Iron umbrella stand weight is a decent quality item at a fair price.

It’s not the most advanced umbrella weight available, but it’s efficient, well-constructed, and specifically designed to channel water away.

For more details on this base that is weighted, look over our product Reviews section.


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Its Patio Living Concepts Umbrella Base 230 The Patio Living Concepts Umbrella Base 230 is a great base weight for umbrellas for a fair price. It’s a molded resin product, made to fill with sand and then placed under a table for a patio. 

Its Umbrella Base 230 will hold around 50 lbs of sand. That allows it to be able to support a big outdoor umbrella.

With the capacity for weight and price, this can be an affordable umbrella stand. It’s not the prettiest umbrella base, but it’s built to be used on a table and won’t be visible for long.

For a thorough overview of PatioLivingConcepts Umbrella Base Base 230, check out our Reviews section. Reviews section further down.

Outdoor Umbrella Base Weight Buyer's Guide

The most important thing to consider when choosing the appropriate basis for your market umbrella or patio umbrella is the weight you need.

To learn more about weighing on your outdoor umbrella, go through our guide to properly weigh down an umbrella from a market.

What should I do if I have an oversized Patio Umbrella?

If you own a huge patio umbrella, which, unfurled, extends over 9 inches in diameter, We suggest two options: using a supplemental weight bag or a cantilever umbrella base. See our Umbrella Size Guide for more information.

Additional Weight Bag

You can utilize a supplemental weight bag with many market umbrella bases to provide an additional amount of weight to your large-format umbrella. They are typically placed on the top of the base and can provide up to 100 pounds of weight!

It’s additional trouble to take off and on, but if they are punctured, you’ll be left with a huge mess to tidy up.

Cantilever Umbrella Base

Many umbrella base weights for cantilevers serve as commercial grade patio umbrella weights. They can offer up to 125lbs weight to an umbrella. For a look at these high-power weights, go here.

Where to Buy Umbrella Stands

You can find umbrella stands on the internet or in gardening and home improvement stores. It is usually easier to shop online to use since you don’t have to lift an umbrella’s base into your car and then carry it onto the patio.

Patio Umbrella Base Weight Reviews

This article will review some of the umbrella bases for patios on the market by examining their design and durability, weight characteristics, and overall high quality. We will compare the advantages and drawbacks of each one of these umbrellas.

If you’re interested in buying a patio umbrella combination with a weighted base, look into our review of the patio umbrella here.

Let’s examine the table of comparisons for a start, and then we’ll move into individual reviews.


Abba Patio is a consistent producer of high-quality furniture for patios with an eye for elegance and simplicity. The tradition continues with this elegant and beautiful umbrella holder for your deck.

This is the ideal base for a patio umbrella to keep the wind at bay.

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

  • Base Weight: 55lbs
  • Diameter: 29”
  • Height: 3.4”
  • Plate Thickness: 1/4” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity 1” to 1.5 umbrella poles are suitable (the size is one 33/4” which means this hole is 1/16 bigger than 1 1/2 1” poles)

The Details

Abba Patio round steel patio umbrella weight Abba Patio round aluminum patio weights are stylishly simple. It comes with two locks that turn by hand to provide an extra grip for the umbrella pole that is placed inside. The base of the umbrella is specifically designed to handle the usual winds and weights typically found on an umbrella that is 6′-9.

The umbrella base that is weighted is constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and painted in bronze tones. We want Abba Patio would offer stainless steel and black versions of these bases so that people can pair their bases with their umbrellas for their patio. However, Abba Patio is currently the only one that sells the metal umbrella stand in bronze.

If you have an umbrella with a white or black shaft, you might think about purchasing enamel paint and then painting the base in the same color as the pole of your umbrella. This is not feasible for those with stainless steel or brushed nickel umbrellas (or wood, to be honest! ).

The base of the patio umbrella is a great option to use as a table for the restaurant. However, it’s unnecessary (you might want to purchase a cone for your patio umbrella in this instance). The weight can typically accommodate a 6′-9′ umbrella without a table, but we suggest closing the umbrella to shield it if the wind is moving.

The Abba Patio base for outdoor umbrellas consists of two pieces: the circular umbrella base and the other is the vertical shaft, which attaches to the base below.

The Bottom Line

Its Abba Patio Umbrella base weight is a top-quality product that accomplishes what it’s designed to achieve without the need for additional components. The base is smooth and thin enough that it is not noticeable. It is placed on a table, and the span has a substantial capacity for weight. It’s designed to last and ensures that your market umbrella is in good shape for many years to be.

It’s on the pricey side; however, it looks stunning and has plenty of power to hold.

Make sure you check the cost at Wayfair Before you purchase!


TropiShade 30lb bronze powder-coated cast iron patio umbrella base TropiShade 30lb bronze powder-coated casting iron patio umbrella base an umbrella stand that weighs a moderate amount and is constructed of cast iron and featuring distinct decorative patterns. The pattern is designed so that rainwater that falls on the stand can evaporate quickly.

This umbrella base is sturdy, and has the capacity of 30lbs, and is pretty simple.

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

  • Base Weight: 30lbs
  • Diameter: 20”
  • Height: 15”
  • Plate Thickness: 3” (approximate)
  • Pole Capacity 1 3/8”- 1 1/2 umbrella poles can be able to work

The Details

This is an iron cast patio umbrella stand that can fit an umbrella of up to about 6′ in diameter. It comes with one toggle lock and can hold an umbrella that is quite large.

Tables aren’t required when using this umbrella base; however, the extra balance when you combine both an umbrella base and table is beneficial, particularly if you’re pushing the size of the umbrella.

This TropiShade Market Decorative Umbrella Base is around 3 inches thick and is relatively low-profile. It is unlikely that you will kick it or hit your foot on it when it’s placed hidden under a table and is out of sight.

The color is a dark bronze with a matte-like finish. It can be used in conjunction with an umbrella pole that is black, and it’s more bronze-like than black. You can always paint it with Rustoleum enamel paint if you’d like to make it identical to the color of the umbrella pole.

The Bottom Line

It is a great option to use as an umbrella base if you have a 6-foot umbrella or less. It’s not precisely contemporary; however, it is attractive and is low-profile.

A few buyers have experienced issues in the shaft of their pole becoming in a crooked position when placed within the base. If you encounter such a problem, I recommend calling TropiShade to get a new shaft because the umbrella shaft needs to be straight once correctly installed.

The TropiShade 30 pounds base weight for umbrellas comes with a 1-year warranty that is an excellent addition. It’s hard to be wrong if you buy the lousy base weight. Too small for your umbrella, however the warranty is always a good thing! Based on the price of this umbrella, it’s an excellent purchase and highly recommended.


Abba Patio square umbrella base in steel is another modern and stylish outside umbrella stand. The Abba Patio square umbrella base is 2 lbs lighter than this unit, and it has a set of wheels that allow for easy movement of umbrellas around patios.

You can attach it to any size umbrella by using two separate poles.

Dimensions and weight capacity

  • Base Weight: 55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
  • Height: 13′
  • Thickness: 1/4″ (approximately)
  • The capacity of the Pole: 1 1/2″ and 1 7/8″ umbrella poles will work

The details

This modern, low-profile umbrella base is made of high-quality steel. Two wheels and a square design make it easy to move the base and umbrella. However, the wheels can be used with or without a table so that the umbrella is not in danger.

The patio umbrella stand is made up of three parts: the rectangular base and two vertical tubes. Each tube bolts to its weighted counterpart. These tubes come in different sizes and can accommodate a 1 1/2″ or 1 7/8″ pole. Two crank bolts are included in these tubes, which provide additional strength for the entire system.

These Abba Patio Square Market umbrella bases can hold up to a 9-inch umbrella.

Flat steel plates are directly in contact with the ground. Water can seep under the unit and cause it to rust. You should check it from time to time and, if needed, spray paint it with Rustoleum enamel to renew it.

If you need to place your umbrella close to furniture, this patio umbrella base with wheels will fit under most furniture pieces.

The bottom line

Abba Patio produces great products almost every time. This patio umbrella stands with wheels from Abba Patio is no exception. Although the wheels are not great, they can be used to move the umbrella around. This is an attractive feature.

These bases are not inexpensive, but they are of excellent quality and can last for a very long time without much care.

Be sure also to check the price of Wayfair!


Cast stone umbrella bases from DC America are well-designed and straightforward. They are made of powder-coated composite material that is rust-free. They are available in two sizes: 18” or 24”. (Currently shown in the 18″ setup).

Dimensions and weight capacity

  • Base Weight: 22 lbs (46 lb for the 24′).
  • Diameter: 18’’ or 24’’
  • Height: 13′
  • Plate Thickness: 1 1/2″ (approximate).
  • The capacity of the Pole: 1 3/8″ – 1 1/2″ umbrella poles will work

The details

The DC America Cast Stone Outdoor Umbrella Stand 18″ can support a 6-foot umbrella. However, it could have balance issues beyond that. The base at 24 inches can keep a 9-foot umbrella. These umbrella bases do not require a table, but they can help stabilize the umbrella during windy conditions.

Two umbrella shaft cuffs made of plastic are included. One is for 1 3/8″ umbrella shafts and one for 1 1/2″. These plastic cuffs can cause failure and breakage of the unit. DC America can replace them if they break.

The DC America unit is made up of two parts: the disc base and the vertical section. The disc base bolts the steep section to the disc base. Once the disc base is secured, the umbrella can be attached from there. This is a simple process.

The bottom line

If your umbrella is of the correct size, this line of weighted umbrella bases will work well (6′ for the 18′ and 9′ for 24 ”).). These patio umbrella stands look great and have a low profile. They are also very affordable for their weight.

A 1-year warranty covers DC America’s umbrella weight bases. This is a great plus. These umbrella weight bases are very reliable, and there is rarely anything that can go wrong. However, a warranty is always a good idea.



The Trademark Innovations Base looks modern, is simple, and attractive. It is minimalistic and elegant but well-thought-out. It is made from durable cement and has a 44 lb holding capacity, which will keep your patio umbrella strong.

Dimensions and weight capacity

  • Base Weight: 40 lbs
  • Diameter: 20″
  • Height: 4.5″
  • Plate Thickness: 1/4″ (approximately)
  • Pole Capacity: 1.25”, 1.5″ and 2.25” umbrella poles work. Trademark Innovations provides three plastic inserts to reduce the diameter of each option.


The market umbrella base is heavy and sturdy and has multiple fitting options. It is simple and black, made from the concrete cast in a mold.

The garden umbrella stands are two parts: the weighted disc and the vertical part to hold the umbrella shaft. Some customers have had problems with the bolt and nut that hold the vertical piece to the weight. This is a potential failure point.

The garden parasol stand does not come in a well-packaged package. Users have reported problems with shipping damage. Trademark Innovations should be contacted immediately if your umbrella base arrives damaged or separated. It is not recommended to attempt to repair the base as it will most likely break again.

The bottom line

This patio umbrella base is beautiful and affordable for its weight. It is desirable and discreet, and it is pretty low-profile.

We are not comfortable recommending this umbrella stand for patio table use due to a few design flaws. We like the design, but it might be wise to choose another base from this list with a better warranty and better quality material.


PatioLivingConcepts Umbrella base is a weighted umbrella base that is effective and available in five colors. It reminds us a lot of the Battlestar Galactica 1980s spaceship. However, the overall design is quite clunky. We are generally not fans of spaceship umbrella weights, but we are in this instance.

Dimensions and weight capacity

  • Base Weight: 50+
  • Diameter: 16″
  • Height: 6 1/2 inches
  • Pole Capacity: 1’’-2’’ umbrella poles will work


This patio umbrella base weighs in at a hefty 230 g. We don’t like it, but we love its design. The Umbrella Base 230 has been designed to be filled using sand. The main housing is made of molded resin, and the hardware is stainless steel. A screw-cap is included in the housing that can be used for weighting.

The patio umbrella stand comes in five colors: black, bronze and green. This patio umbrella base is rare in white.

You can fill the Umbrella Base 230 with water, but it might leak. The cap is not designed to hold water. Water can almost certainly leak from the cap if it is turned upside down. Water may still work if the lid is flat. We recommend using sand for the weight material.

To ensure that the sand goes into the hole correctly, you might consider buying a funnel or using cardboard to help.

The base is strong enough to hold a 9-foot parasol. It isn’t as wide as the others on this list and must be used with a table to add stability.

This table umbrella base’s hole is not entirely through, so it cannot be placed on top.

The Bottom Line

Although the Umbrella Base230 is not the most beautiful umbrella weight basis, they make excellent patio umbrella bases. These base weights are good as long as they’re used with a table and not pushed over a 9-foot umbrella.

This unit’s biggest flaw is the screw used to attach the umbrella shaft to its base. The base will be useless if the screw is removed. As long as the base is used with a table, this shouldn’t happen.


When filled, weight.

A base that is advertised as “30-pound” and “50-pound” will usually indicate how heavy it will be once filled with water, sand bricks, bricks, rocks, etc. For umbrella stability in windy conditions, a heavier weight will be better. To hold a half umbrella steady against a wall, a half-round base should weigh at least 20 pounds.


Most umbrella bases measure 20 inches in size. They can fit under tables and are therefore not a danger to tripping. It is not the size of a command that stabilizes a giant umbrella but the weight of the base after it has been filled that matters the most.

Size of the pole

The pole diameters of more miniature umbrellas are typically 1 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches. An umbrella pole’s average diameter is 1 1/2 inches. The diameter of umbrella poles for more oversized umbrellas like the 11-foot and 13-foot canopies are greater, ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 inches.

It is important to measure the diameter and circumference of your umbrella canopy before you shop. Sometimes, a large umbrella canopy comes with a smaller-than-expected pole diameter.

Fill out options

You can decide if you want to either fill the base with water, sand or if you prefer a solid base that isn’t fillable. A taller ground may be unstable and unsafe if it is being moved around. Water isn’t as dense or stable as sand filling.


The base material is a sign of how durable it will last. Cast iron bases can rust in high humidity, but they are heavy. Concrete-filled bases made of powder-coated steel and concrete can rust, leaving marks on your patio or deck. Concrete bases are not prone to rusting or cracking, but it is possible to add filler. Plastic bases and heavy-duty molded resins won’t crack, flake or rust.


To prevent mold and mildew, empty your umbrella base and rinse it with warm soapy water.


Materials: Umbrella bases are made from a variety of materials. Cast iron, concrete, and steel are the most common choices.

A receiver pole acts as a sleeve and a locking pole sleeve. Some umbrella bases come with a sleeve that protects the umbrella pole. The base sleeve locks the pole using a thumbscrew or locking mechanism.

Water plug At the end of each season, drain any water-filled bases. You want a water plug that is easy to reach but blends in well with the rest.

Feet Rubber pads underneath the holder will reduce scratches on your deck or patio.

Wheels If you constantly move your umbrella when the sun moves, you might like a wheeled umbrella base with locking casters. You will need stability because typically, only two wheels lock in place.

Design: Cast Iron and Resin Bases often have a decorative design, such as a swirl or a geometric pattern, or a flower print carved into them for an elegant touch.

Color: Basins can be used to match patio sets with metallic finishes. Tinted concrete bases are available for those who want to add a splash of color.


Affordable: You’ll find essential, fillable resin umbrella bases in the $15-35 range with a simple design. These umbrella bases are usually used for more miniature umbrellas and can be stored under an umbrella desk. Bases in this price range will accept umbrella poles less than two inches in diameter.

Mid-range: From $35 to HTML85, you will find many handsome, durable umbrella bases that measure 20 inches in diameter. They can be either made of cast iron or plastic. Many models come with lockable wheels and handles that allow you to move the base around. These umbrella bases can accept small umbrella poles of up to 2 inches in diameter—many durable offset umbrella bases cantilever.

Expensive. You can find stunning bronze cast aluminum and teak art in the $600- $1,000 price range if you are looking for a premium umbrella base for your home. Prices above $85 will include more features. These bases can also take thicker umbrella poles (canopies up to nine feet in height). This range contains stylish concrete products with lockable wheels and handles. For extra umbrella stability, more items in this range will include locking pole sleeves.


  • Multiply the umbrella’s width by 10 to determine how heavy your umbrella stand should weigh about it. An umbrella with a nine-foot width will need a perspective that is at least 90 pounds when full.
  • Umbrella stands 50 pounds in weight when complete, are considered light, and can cause umbrellas to lift when they’re windy. This type of stand can be used underneath an umbrella table to provide additional support.
  • Unique heavy-duty bases are required to support patio umbrellas that are offset or cantilevered. The base typically has four connected plates and can be filled with water to keep the crossbars.
  • While some bases are flat against the ground, others seem taller. It may appear that a more elevated base will add height to your umbrella. However, this illusion is not accurate. Your umbrella’s size will not be affected by the design of the base. The umbrella pole should be inserted on the base to be held in a stable place.

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