10 Best Hoverboard Brand Reviews & Self balancing Scooters

10 Best Hoverboard Brand Reviews & Self balancing Scooters

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2021)

What is the Best Hoverboard Brand? There are nearly as numerous hoverboard brands as hoverboards. Maybe not as many, but we’re moving towards it – enough that it’s worth its hoverboard review of the brands.

Now, based on what you’re seeking, the most effective hoverboard brand will differ in the same way as the best self balancing scooter. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, you should go through my previous review. Pretty please!

However, certain brands might opt to concentrate on some particular regions, while others opt for various goods. This is the old question of quantity versus quality. In this list, I’ve got both.

Certain brands have a wide range of products, while others offer a limited selection but have a better collection. In this article, we’ll be listing the best, safest hoverboards, as well as the most reliable Bluetooth hoverboards.

If you’ve thought, “What are the safest hoverboards to buy?” or even, “Which is the best hoverboard brand for so and so?” Then you’re in the right spot.

Certain brands have been in operation for quite a while, but some have changed their name entirely, and others are as innovative as hoverboards themselves. In any case, they’re among the top currently available.

Our Top Pick

I have chosen Razor as the best hoverboard brand for a couple of reasons. They have an easy-to-use website, great customer service, and, most of all, high-quality products, but you probably already knew that. This brand has been around since the very first hoverboard.

10 Best Hoverboard Brand

  1. Best Hoverboard Brand for Battery Life – TOMOLOO
  2. Best Hoverboard Brand for Off-Road Adventures – Jetson
  3. Best Hoverboard Brand with Bluetooth Features – GOTRAX
  4. Safest Hoverboard Brand – Megawheels
  5. Premium Hoverboard Brand – Halo Board
  6. Best Budget Hoverboard Brand – XPRIT
  7. Premium All-Terrain Brand – EPIKGO
  8. Best Hoverboard Brand for Kids – Swagtron
  9. Best Hoverboard Brand Overall – Razor 
  10. Best Portable Brand – IOTAtrax Compact Hoverboard
Best Hoverboard Brand for Battery Life

If you’re like me, you’re probably exhausted from charging your hoverboard. It can be pretty annoying when you’re enjoying your ride, and then your battery begins to deplete. That’s the reason I included the TOMOLOO hoverboard brand on my list. There are some categories. However, TOMOLOO is a step ahead in the realm of lasting batteries.

TOMOLOO is known for focusing on one feature in every electric scooter they make. They’ll create one of the top Bluetooth hoverboards, but the speed and range will be subpar. Therefore when I discovered they’d made an autonomous scooter with incredible battery longevity, I was worried. I was surprised. However, the hoverboard was not a significant flaw or issue. Mind that there were imperfections, as with all devices, however nothing major.

The TOMOLOO hoverboard comes with a powerful motor that can reach seven mph and climb a 15-degree incline. With a range of as long as 12 miles and a battery life of the TOMOLOO hoverboard is about four hours, and the charging time is approximately 1. What more can I say? This is my personal belief, the most efficient battery life on an electric scooter that I’ve ever witnessed. Therefore, the hoverboard overall comes with some drawbacks, such as the body that is easily scratched and the possibility of only using it on a smooth asphalted road.

 However, I consider that the hoverboard is worth it, and if you’re searching for something different, TOMOLOO can provide it most of the time.

They offer a wide selection from hoverboards to electric bicycles, skateboards, and more. If you aren’t a fan of a particular model, you are sure to find something you delight in. The site isn’t the greatest; however, it’s decent enough. It’s easy getting there.

The app is an entirely different matter. Design issues and connectivity issues result in a substantial wasted time. I’m still baffled as to why each hoverboard brand has poor mobile apps. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t discourage you from giving TOMOLOO a shot.


  • Large selection of products
  • Amazing battery life


  • Awful mobile app
Best Hoverboard Brand for Off Road Adventures

Jetson is one of the hoverboard manufacturers that you’ve probably seen, even if you didn’t even. Jetson offers a wide range of self-balancing scooters, hover karts, and even other accessories. Their products, including Jetson Aero, the Jetson Aero All-Terrain Hoverboard, have been featured in the news.

The Jetson hoverboard brand focuses mainly on electric scooters for off-road use, as evidenced by their top-selling product, the Jetson Aero that I called the light all-terrain hoverboard in my review off-road models.

The electric scooter has a high light feeling to it and a sleek style. It comes with 6.5-inch rubber tires and a 300-watt dual motor that can reach a maximum speed of seven miles per hour and a 7-mile range per charge. With a maximum weight of 220 pounds, it is a hoverboard that adults of all ages can use.

If the Aero doesn’t meet your requirements, Jetson may have many different off-road hoverboards for you to pick from. It includes the Plasma All-Terrain Luminous Hoverboard, entirely covered with a flowing LED pattern and its portable self-balancing scooter.

I’m going to affirm that as a brand, Jetson has both quality and quantity. And from my experience, their customer service is adequate. In addition, many of their items come with fantastic Bluetooth speakers. The Aero, however, is a standout. The Aero hoverboard does not have a pair of speakers or perhaps a single one; therefore, you can’t blast your favourite tunes through the woods.

Then there’s the Jetson application, called Ride Jetson, which is very terrible. It has intermittent disconnects, and overall it’s in bad condition – not to mention the user interface is among the worst I’ve ever witnessed. But, despite all of that, I’d strongly recommend this model as one of the top hoverboard brands. This is because, when you think about this, Jetson makes great electric scooters that are affordable.


  • Large selection of quality products
  • Affordable


  • Terrible mobile app
Best Hoverboard Brand with Bluetooth Features

GOTRAX is a business that has been operating in the realm of electric vehicles for a while years now. Its mission is to revolutionize the way people commute by using electric technology. They offer everything from hoverboards to electric bikes and even their line of merch. I want to say that their website and how they present themselves are professional. They are, in fact, one of the most professional-looking brand names in the hoverboard world.

All the brands in my hoverboard brands review have excellent speakers. The products they offer are top of the line, and so are their Bluetooth. However, the GOTRAX SRX could be considered to be the top Bluetooth hoverboard available.

The self-balancing scooter features an attractive, sleek design and tough tires that are suitable for road dirt, grass, and dirt. This GOTRAX SRX can travel with a top velocity of 6.5 milliseconds per hour and a maximum distance of four miles. The 400-watt motor can push this electric scooter to its limits. The lithium-ion battery will take about 3 hours before fully charged, which is pretty typical and will last approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

Also, there’s a weight limit of 220 pounds, so adults can ride this hoverboard that comes with Bluetooth. The sound emanating from the scooter’s electric motor is crystal clear and clean, with just the perfect bass volume.

If for any reason, you feel that the GOTRAX the SRX isn’t suitable for your requirements, then you’re in luck since this company offers an incredible range of products. It’s also notable that most of their products are budget-friendly, particularly those in the hoverboard section. The products are offered across various prominent online stores and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many independent dealers. So, you don’t need to hunt for the item you’re searching for.

The app is also good enough, but I would have liked a more refined user interface. At present, overall, the brand is professional. They produce quality products that are sold across the globe and boast an average application. You will also find that they’ve got an average of 3.0 ratings on Trustpilot. This is due to a single reason: their customer service is a little inadequate. However, even if this is the case, it’s not impossible to judge the high-quality products they offer.


  • Professional image
  • Amazing Bluetooth speaker


  • Poor customer service
Safest Hoverboard Brand

Have you ever wondered about the safest hoverboards are to purchase? The mega wheel is a brand that has been operating in the realm of electric technology since 2007. Their offerings include hoverboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters and other accessories.

Before becoming one of the safest hoverboard brands, they were selling electrical products under the brand JIALIKE. JIALIKE.
Their products, including the hoverboards, have many safety features like non-slip pads and great self-balancing technologies, and more.

Megawheels’ hoverboard Megawheels’ hoverboard is a cost-effective option that makes a fantastic present. If you’re worried that your child might get injured and fall from the hoverboard or even hurt themselves, then I’d suggest taking an interest in the electric scooter.

Apart from that, other than that, the hoverboard has two 250-watt motors that can propel the board to a maximum speed of 7mph, with a range of 12 miles when charged. Once you connect it to the internet, it can take around 3-4 hours before fully setting. This is sensible for a distance. It also comes with a maximum weight of 220 pounds and fantastic Bluetooth speakers.

But their range of self-balancing scooters is a little bare, So if for any reason you aren’t a fan of their hoverboard Megawheels’ hoverboard, you aren’t going to find many other alternatives.

As far as I’m aware, they do not offer an app, but I would guess it isn’t an issue. Also, there’s the matter regarding their website. Although it’s not terrible per se, it’s not very bad and, in my opinion, it needs an overhaul.

However, there is one issue I can’t ignore. There is a reason why the hoverboard brand has been given 2.9 ratings on Trustpilot, and this is because of a simple explanation. There have been delays with the delivery of the boards, which is a bit surprising considering the date when these reviews were published *cough* in 2020*cough, it’s understandable. However, I felt I was required to mention the issue.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Safety first


  • Long delivery time
Best Budget Hoverboard Brand

If you’re not ready to invest for a few dollars and are actually on a tight budget, XPRIT is the brand that is right for you. The company is located in Canada and offers the most affordable hoverboards for the duration.

They offer a variety of products, including electric bikes, hoverboards, hand sanitizer dispensers, many more. I feel that some of these don’t belong. In any case, you can find what you’re seeking on their website.

If you’re looking at the XPRIT 8.5 Off-Road Self Balancing Scooter, it is by far the most rugged off-road hoverboard with the best price. If you’re interested in learning additional options, then examine the most exciting self-balancing scooters.

The XPRIT 8.5 Off-Road Balancing Scooter comes with two 8.5-inch robust rubber tires. They will make any terrain feel like smooth riding. With its 250W dual motor, it can reach the speed of six miles per hour and climb with a 15-degree slope. Its range is 6 miles, and the battery will take around three hours to recharge completely. The weight limit of about 264 pounds is the max amount of weight that the hoverboard can handle. However, the maximum weight limit recommended is 198 pounds; therefore, consider this.

The website is now up. It’s not my favourite. The site looks messy and, although it’s simple to navigate, the user interface is not the best. One thing that impressed me was that you could see how using the hoverboard is priced in your local currency. No longer will you have to convert from dollars or euros. If you’re not part of one of the world’s major economic powers, then you’re aware of how useful this is.

If there’s an additional problem that I haven’t spoken about, and no, it’s not customer service; it’s because they don’t have an app. Therefore, if you’d like for XPRIT to be connected XPRIT to your smartphone, then you’ll need to install a third-party app.


  • Large selection of products
  • Affordable


  • No mobile app
Premium All Terrain Brand

If you’re an avid off-roader and searching for something more expensive, the EPIKGO could fulfill your desire. The hoverboard brand offers a broad range of products that fall into different categories like the premier, sports, and classic series. However, their prices don’t vary significantly. The goal of the brand is to offer a safer and more enjoyable off-road experience. In all honesty, with the EPIKGO Premier model, I believe they’ve succeeded.

The hoverboard comes with a 400-watt dual motor that speeds up to 10 miles an hour. It can go up a 30-degree slope. It does not even forget that it is the fastest self-balancing scooter that can accelerate available. Its range is as long as 12 miles, and it can take a couple of minutes to charge fully, which is why it’s of top quality. For the tires, they’re 8.5-inch all-weather tires that can get you across all terrain.

All three available models, including the classic, top and sport, are distinct in their characteristics. For instance, the sport comes with an electronic motor that adapts to your weight’s basic movement and tires designed to perform, and the classic model has the longest-lasting robust features.

Accessing their website is straightforward. It’s clean and easy and, more importantly, it’s got a superb user interface. Although they don’t offer many products, the ones they do have are of the best quality.

The only issue that I’ve had with EPIKGO is the application. The app is rated with only a 1.5 rating on the Apple app store, but it’s not available on Google Play. Although the mobile is friendly adequate, and its user experience is of the highest quality, It appears as if the app will not be able to connect with your hoverboard often, and you’ll have to choose an external app. I wouldn’t care so very much for the mobile app, but I realize that it can be a significant factor in the product’s success for certain people.


  • High-quality products
  • Great website


  • Terrible mobile app
Best Hoverboard Brand for Kids

If you’re looking for a present for your kid, I would strongly suggest Swagtron in the form of a company, particularly their Swagtron T1 hoverboard. I’ll go over a little about it in the next few minutes; however, if you’re looking for more in-depth information, take a look at my Best hoverboards for kids list that boasts of shameless self-promotion.

Swagtron is an organization that is focused on fun and safety. They take extra precautions to ensure that their products are as secure as possible while also providing a pleasurable experience.

Its Swagtron T1 hoverboard has a 250-watt dual motor capable of reaching speeds of eight miles an hour. It also has 6.5-inch sturdy rubber tires. The range can go as high as 11 miles on a single charge. In terms of charging time, it’s approximately 1 hour. Based on these numbers, I’d claim that this is among the best batteries available that are available. The hoverboard and most of their models include an instructional model and a specific stop feature for added security.

Then there’s the company that is the company itself. They offer a broad range of products, such as regular skateboards, electric scooters. It’s a bit odd to mention this – accessories as well as their merchandise. While their website isn’t the most user-friendly, their customer service is excellent and is an example to other brands.

It’s true, Swagtron is not the one to end the curse of poor hoverboard applications. Let’s check out the mobile app. It isn’t very unusual at the very best. Although it has an excellent user interface, it lacks capabilities and is prone to connectivity issues, which is, of course.

I’d say that Swagtron’s brand is at the very top of my list, but it’s not among the top choice. There’s one more brand to go, one that’s been around since its inception.


  • Safe and fun
  • Amazing customer service
  • Large selection of products


  • Bad mobile app
Best Hoverboard Brand Overall

If you’re familiar with something about scooters that self-balance, I’m sure, you’ve seen this coming. Razor is easily the most popular and well-acknowledged hoverboard brand available. If you are interested in them, I highly recommend you check out my Best Self balancing Scooters Reviews.

Razor is a brand that has probably been experienced and even seen, even if you’re not familiar with it. They’re world-renowned and were one of the pioneering hoverboard brands. They even create the content themselves.

For their most well-known product is their Hovertrax 2.0. It features a quiet, 350W dual motor capable of reaching speeds of eight miles an hour. It also comes with the ability to travel for 8 miles per charge. It also has batteries that can be removed, so it’s possible to carry another, effectively double the battery’s life and range if the battery is empty.

In the same way, Razor is a company that doesn’t rely solely on a single product. It offers many different hoverboards, including accessories, as well as anything apart from the electric ride. With the variety of products available to pick from, there is a good Razor offers something for every person. If you want to be the center of attention and want to be the center of attention, take a look at Razor’s Hovertrax X-Ray. Also, if you’re bored of just riding with two wheels, you should check the electric bikes available. This is a breeze to accomplish since their website is easy to navigate, features its design, and is definitely among the best we have listed. Additionally, their 24-hour customer support service will answer your query professionally and efficiently.

Then, we come to the curse of mobile applications even Razor isn’t invincible. Although they have a decent application and certainly among the best on the list, it has 3.5 on Google Play and 2.5 in the App Store. Problems with connectivity and bugs are a constant issue for the app, particularly the iOS one; however, at this point, it is normal. The application is still far from the top hoverboard company on the market.


  • Quality and quantity
  • Amazing customer service
  • Great website


  • Mediocre mobile app

If you are looking for the top hoverboard brand, you have to think about IOTAtrax. The company was initially launched as a campaign on Kickstarter to change how people experience the hoverboard scene. Despite using the same basic specs as conventional self-balancing scooters, this hoverboard brand has come up with something truly unique. Instead of a bulky piece of plastic, they’ve chosen a foldable and trim design.

The IOTAtrax hoverboard comes with two wheels in the middle and two wings that fold. The self-balancing scooter is controlled by using the wings. Then, when you’re ready to return home, you can just put them back into their place. Once you fold the hoverboard folds, it appears to be around the bag, carried by an upper handle. The scooter weighs 15 pounds that are a lot of weight, particularly for a hoverboard.

In terms of the specs, you’ll find they’re pretty typical. The range is up to 8 miles per charge, and with a maximum speed of just six mph, it is clear that the hoverboard is all covered. The thing that awes users is the speed of charging. In less than one hour, the hoverboard is fully recharged and ready to go. Furthermore, the electric scooter comes with an engine with a power of 1000W and inflatable eight” wheels.

If you examine the hoverboard, you may believe that it isn’t highly durable. However, it comes with an upper weight limit of 200lbs, ideal for adults of all ages. The thing that bothers me is the price that the company places on its product. It’s a good thing that you’re the only company selling portable hoverboards; then, you can make whatever you want.

Here’s fascinating information to share with you. The man who invented the portable hoverboard and founded IOTAtrax, the IOTAtrax name was Shane Chen, the same person who created the first self-balancing scooter, the Hovertrax.
For the hoverboard brand, the parent company of this brand is Inventist. They claim to be the innovator of the future; however, they must invent their own better customer service from my research.


  • Portable
  • Innovative


  • Bad customer service

If you’re willing to invest a little and spend a little more, then I have the ideal option for you. Halo Board is a premium business that offers hoverboards and enhanced boards, though their offerings are more limited. The company was founded as a small startup in LA in 2005 and has become a well-known and successful businesses. Celebrities such as Jamie Fox and Martha Stewart have used their products.

What can I expect from such a premium brand? You might be thinking.
It’s a good thing because the Official Halo Rover X Hoverboard 8.5″ is an electric scooter that covers all terrains equipped with 8.5-inch Indestructible Never-Flat tires and an electric power unit 800-Watt. The motor can reach a top speed of 10mph and at a rate of 20 degrees. The hoverboard can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, with charging times in the range of 2.5 hours. The electric scooter comes with a weight limit of 260lbs, which makes it ideal for adults. But it’s not just that simple. The product itself comes with many additional features, including the three modes of training that you can choose from based on how well you perform.

If the Rover X does not suit your requirements for some reason, you’re not in luck. The company has a limited number of items, but the ones they do offer are of the best quality. It’s an old problem of quantity vs. quality.

Halo Board is a Halo Board brand with a modern, easy-to-use site and an app that offers an appealing user interface; however, it lacks some essential features. Also, there’s the main problem with their customer service. There are reports that the service provided by their customers is a little lacking. Although this isn’t the worst, it could be. However, it’s not the most efficient either.

In the end, The Halo Board is a hoverboard company that puts the high-end quality and durability of its products above all else.


  • Quality is a priority


  • Not many product options
  • Not Innovative

Best Hoverboard Brand Buyer’s Guide

With all the hoverboard brands available, it can become difficult to sort through, mainly because most of them have good and bad products and not forget awful mobile applications.

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of what you should be looking for. Do not worry; I’m here to assist in any way I can since, based on what you are looking for, the buying experience could be different.


Hoverboard. If you’re seeking something that has more power is, first and foremost, a powerful motor and the correct battery and tires. These are the elements that determine the performance of hoverboards.

The speed range of self-balancing scooters is 3-10 miles per hour. So you’ll want something higher than that. If you’re buying anything that goes over ten mph, ensure that the hoverboard is equipped with good tires. The faster you speed and the higher the risk of falling over rough or bumpy terrain, even on a straight road. A tiny twig or rock could be enough to cause you to fly when you don’t have the right tires.

It is also essential to think about the battery. What is its strength? Hoverboards are indeed powered by electricity, so regardless of how powerful their motor is, as long as its battery is weak, it won’t go very fast. It would help if you are looking for a hoverboard with a more extended range but preferably more significant than the speed limit and the shortest charging time. A good hoverboard will give you seven to 12 miles and a charging time of one or 3 hours.

Each of these aspects can determine how quick the hoverboard is. You could always check reviews and read what the person writing the study has to speak about. It’s always an option.

Battery Life

The battery’s life determines your range per charge. In the past, I have mentioned that a good hoverboard can provide an average range of 7 -12 miles. Although that might seem like an insignificant number, it is essential to be aware that these boards are not designed for long-distance trips. Instead, they’re enjoyable toys to play with around your neighbourhood.

But, the battery life advertised may not correspond to the battery life displayed on your phone. Various variables such as the speed, conditions, the rider’s weight and the terrain, steep slope, and humidity can influence the battery’s lifespan overall.

Fortunately, all hoverboards come with this small LED light, dubbed an indicator for battery, which will let you know how long the self-balancing scooter is before it stops. It is also possible to check the mobile app to see if it’s good enough, though I doubt it.

Weight Capacity

Different hoverboards are made for individuals with different weights. Specific models with a lighter weight limit could be designed for children, while others with a higher weight limit could be intended for adults. You should therefore purchase an auto-balancing scooter that can help you carry your weight. But, this doesn’t mean that If you weigh 220lbs, you need to buy an item that weighs 220 pounds. This could mean pushing the hoverboard beyond its limits and could be risky. Instead, look for one with 260lbs as an example.

Certain brands have a weight limit and a recommended limit, with the recommended capacity being smaller in all likelihood.

If you’re buying something for your child, It’s a good idea to check out models that have more significant weight limits instead of one with a lower limit. My theory is that your child will continue getting more substantial and more important. Take a look at the size of their feet! I’m betting the socks they wore last year’s collection don’t fit now.


The majority of hoverboards have a tire size that is between 6.5 inches to 10 inches the diameter. Aside from being an essential element of the speed of your ride and security, the tires determine the type of hoverboard you’re buying.

Larger wheels typically suggest that the self-balancing electric scooter is perfect for an off-road excursion, whereas smaller tires are best left on the smooth, paved road. Furthermore, larger tires typically indicate it is more likely that an electric motor, in general, is more significant. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely.

The size of the wheels also affects the user’s comfort, weight capacity, and stability of the board. It is generally accepted that if you’re new to riding, choosing the most miniature tires is best. This is especially true in case you’re looking to master cool tricks and flips.

Therefore, if you’re searching for something that you can carry on your camping trip, it is recommended to opt for bigger tires. They’ll ensure an easy ride, regardless of how rough the terrain is.

Closing Remarks

There are a variety of hoverboards as well as hoverboard brands available. In general, the majority of manufacturers offer a variety of models of scooters powered by electric motors. Some are focused on a specific aspect, like off-roading, for instance, or being child-friendly.

It is possible to determine if you enjoy one of these brands in this list or look at other brands not listed on this list. Be aware that these are my top recommendations for hoverboard brands and those that I believe are the top.

Another crucial thing is the budget you have set. Higher-end hoverboards with many features are more expensive. However, the less expensive ones may not be the ones you’re looking for. In that situation, it’s important to evaluate everything and look for the most affordable hoverboard.

At the end of the day, although I may believe that they’re the best hoverboard manufacturers, others could not agree with me, which is appropriate. I’m not here to advise you on what you should do, but to provide as much information as I can while hoping that you will find what you’re seeking.

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