10 Best Hitch Bike Racks Reviews for 2022 & Buying Guide

Best Hitch Bike Racks Reviews for 2022 & User Byuing Guide

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2021)

Best Hitch Bike Racks. A poor quality bike rack could spell disaster and ruin your day of enjoyment out in the hills or on the bikes at the local park. We’ve all had our challenges in moving bikes.

While biking can be fun, it’s not easy to put them in an automobile and take off their tires. A lot of work can take away the fun in the day.

Hitch-mounted bike racks are intended to assist with the issue by bringing your bikes towards the rear of your vehicle, from where they can be removed and put back onto for riding when you’ve arrived at your destination.

However, a poor bike rack could make bikes move, scratching one other; even more seriously, it could have clamps that don’t have enough sturdiness to hold all the bikes in position. A motorcycle that falls off an automobile isn’t going to be in good condition.

So, how do you find an excellent bike rack that’s worthy of your time and cash? It’s not easy, but with some research and preparation, we’ve taken care of the legwork for you! You don’t need to settle for a mediocre bike rack that sways as you drive or can’t keep a lightweight bike longer than a couple of miles. Instead, we’ll present the best bike racks that hitch available.

In this guide, we’ll go over the essentials of a great bike rack and how to distinguish good from poor ones. There are a variety of options that are ideal for various situations or requirements. Whatever your exciting springtime plans for riding are, we’ll be able to help you achieve these goals. Let’s go!

10 Best Hitch Bike Rack Reviews

1. Kuat Racks NV 2.0 Bike Rack
2. Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack
3. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack
4. Kuat Transfer Universal 2-Bike Hitch Mount
5. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier Rack
6. BV Bike Hitch Mount Rack Carrier
7. Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack
8. Overdrive Sport 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack
9. Leader Accessories Hitch Mounted 2-Bike Rack
10. Hollywood Racks Sportrider Se Hitch Rack

Premium and Tough
  • Can carry bikes up to 60 lbs
  • Two-Bike capacity
  • Integrated repair stand
  • 20-29” wheels accepted

This Kuat Racks NV Bike Rack is a top choice that’ll provide you with excellent service for many years to be. It can hold two bikes, and its sturdy frame can support bikes that weigh a lot. It can accommodate various sizes for wheels, meaning you can choose from a variety of bikes you could utilize this rack.

The bikes are well apart, and fitting the hitch to the vehicle’s back will be simple. There are no tools required to tighten the installation process. The trap compresses with a weight of 49lbs to ensure maximum security and strength even during the more bumpy sections of a trip. The rack can be adjusted effortlessly with the foot assist designed to be used by the person using it. It is simple to release bikes and has the release button that is easy to locate near the ratchet arms.

The trail doc can be a great accessory to the rack as it gives you a lot of functions that aren’t available with the hitch. It functions as a repair stand that can use almost anywhere since it’s lightweight enough to make it easy to transport. When you get it on your bike, it’s possible to do a few quick adjustments or repairs and get back on the road again.

While biking can be fun but it’s not easy to put them in an automobile and take off their tires. A lot of work can take away the fun in the course of the day.

Hitch-mounted bike racks are intended to assist with the issue by bringing your bikes towards the rear of your vehicle, from where they are able to be removed and put back onto for riding when you’ve arrived at your destination.

However, a poor bike rack could make bikes move, scratching one otheror, even more seriously it could have clamps that don’t have enough sturdiness to hold all the bikes in position. A bike that falls off an automobile isn’t going to be in good condition.

So , how do you find an excellent bike rack that’s worthy of your time and cash? It’s not easy, but with some research and preparation, we’ve taken care of the legwork for you! Don’t need to settle for a mediocre bike rack that sways as you drive or can’t keep a lightweight bike longer than couple of miles. Instead, we’ll present the best bike racks that hitch available.

This Kuat Racks NV Bike Rack is a top choice that’ll provide you with excellent service for many years to be. It can hold two bikes, and its sturdy frame can support bikes that weigh a lot. It can accommodate various sizes for wheels, meaning you can choose from a variety of bikes you could utilize this rack.
The bikes are well apart, and fitting the hitch to the vehicle’s back will be simple.

There are no tools required to tighten the installation process. The trap compresses with a weight of 49lbs to ensure maximum security and strength even during the more bumpy sections of a trip. The rack can be adjusted effortlessly with the foot assist designed to be used by the person using it. It is simple to release bikes and has the release button that is easy to locate near the ratchet arms.

The trail doc can be a great accessory to the rack as it gives you a lot of functions that aren’t available with the hitch. It functions as a repair stand that can use almost anywhere since it’s lightweight enough to make it easy to transport. When you get it on your bike, it’s possible to do a few quick adjustments or repairs and get back on the road again.

It’s great to know that the adjustability of racks are simple, as the whole thing is weighty. Minor, when you fold the rack, it’s going to take quite a challenge however the durability and stability you receive in return is a nominal cost to pay, according to us. This may be an issue for some users individuals. However, we think the foot pedal can make up the minor issue.

While you will get a lot of value out of this bike rack, it’s quite expensive, and you’ll be able to see the amount you’re paying for by the weight by itself. This is a great option when you’re seeking the highest quality and security, regardless of the price. The fact that you’re purchasing a bike rack that will last for a long time could be sufficient to justify the higher cost at first because it won’t be necessary to replace it with a new one as the components degrade or wear out.

It’s a great pick if you like to go off-road biking or mountain biking.


  • No need for complicated installation tools
  • Easy to release bikes with foot assist
  • Adjustable tire cradle system
  • Powder coat finish


  • Heavy
  • Somewhat pricey
Versatile and Easy to Use
  • Two-bike capacity
  • 40 lbs per bike
  • 20-29” tires

Kuat Transfer Universal Mount Kuat Transfer Universal Mount is an additional high-end, more expensive hitch rack that can accommodate two bikes with a capacity of 40 pounds. It’s right in the middle of commonly used bike weight ranges of hitch racks. It’s got a wide range of acceptable tire sizes as well, with a range of 20 to 29 inches. They’re not ideal for big tires, but they’re fine in “larger” tires that don’t seem to meet into the “fat” description.

Even if it’s not within the “fat” category, the adjustment is still a benefit as it ensures that you don’t have to be tied to one specific type of bike for the duration of the rack’s life. This makes it an excellent choice for those constantly transporting lots of bikes for kids or having a few of your own to use for various occasions, like the road bike or mountain bikes, depending on the mood you’re in. This flexibility is also why different kinds of display bikes can be carried together, though we suggest driving with care.

The hitch comes with a helpful foot pedal that we love as it helps lock the frame and make adjustments using the rack more convenient and secure than scurrying under the bikes while they’re loaded. The foot pedal allows any person, even children, to access the rack and put their bikes down.

There are a few upgrades available for cable locks and security pins if you plan on riding in areas that require a little more security. But, as this rack is already expensive in terms of cost, you’ll need to decide if the possibility of risk is worth the. The bikes are held well and don’t move too quickly from what you receive from the box. It is important to note that they do not meet and, therefore, if you’ve got frames you want to keep in perfect condition for a special event or show, it’s a great option.

Because of the absence of touching, we noticed how the arm is less sturdy than other models. There is no risk of your bikes falling off the carriers or something similarly dangerous. However, you may notice the bikes shifting when you drive.
We’d recommend placing some padding or a piece of cloth around the bikes to ensure safety for display bikes. Although this may be a bit annoying after some time, it’s not an extensive enough issue to earn the bike with too many points in our minds.


  • Foot pedal at pivot for locking
  • Can upgrade rack security with pin and cable locks
  • Holds larger tires
  • Doesn’t contact or scratch bike frame


  • Bikes are susceptible to wobbling since the frame isn’t touched
  • A bit pricey
Good for Show Bikes
  • 60 lbs per bike
  • Two-bike capacity
  • 20-29” wheels

This Yakima Products Bike Rack is an exciting design from what we’ve seen thus far. You’ll be able to tell immediately you glance at it. It uses an adjustable wheel hook to ensure that bikes are secured and steady without touching their frames. It can be used to carry two bikes, each with the capacity of up to 60 pounds; it makes it an ideal choice for show bikes or for transporting premium bikes to and from an area with a lot of bumps and winding roads.

The racks with adjustable heights are ideal for various bikes that range from small carbon frames and the more powerful mountain bikes used in many off-road racing events. To provide additional security for the more expensive bikes, they come with a set of cable locks that will put you comfortable stepping away from the bike for a time. Additionally, these locks offer an additional level of security if you’re concerned about the bikes that are jostling in the traffic to get towards your destination.

There is a question of how long it will last. Although the rack is robust and well-constructed, there are some places where caps or screws made of plastic were utilized instead of the metal ones. It was a cost-saving option that didn’t seem to impact the rack structure significantly initially.

After a certain amount of use, we’ve observed that plastic pieces begin to wear out more quickly than other segments. This means that you’ll need to locate an appropriate replacement rack or call the manufacturer for screws replacement. The entire rack is quite expensive, so we were awestruck by this low cost.

It’s not a significant issue, to say the least; however, if you’re looking for the highest level of high-end quality, some racks don’t have any plastic on their frames.


  • Accommodates carbon road bikes, other varieties
  • Adjustable racks to reduce bike-to-bike contact
  • Pivoting wheel hook secures bike without touching frame
  • Cable locks included


  • Longevity is questionable
  • Cheap plastic screws in places
Affordable for Groups
  • Four-Bike capacity
  • Features long carry arms
  • Accepts 140 lbs in total

We’ll look into the Allen Sports Deluxe Bicycle Rack. It can hold four bikes at a time rather than two. It is an ideal option for families or when you’re planning to make trips with acquaintances. The hitch can hold upwards of 140 pounds in total, So whether you’re mixing your bikes’ weights or taking four identical bikes that weigh up 36 pounds, you should consider this. Long carry arms are an asset to ensure that the four bikes don’t constantly crash into each other and make noises when driving.

The rack uses a patent-pending tie-down system, which is unique to racks manufactured by Allen Sports. The system is a combination of the classic clamping technology used by many modern bike hitches to hold frames and tires in place and straps that can be attached and wrapped over the bicycles, making them more secure. When using this tied system, ensure that you don’t fast bikes too closely, or else they’re more likely to be thrown into each other when they sway in transport.

The hitch installation isn’t wholly free of tools, but it’s straightforward even for those new to the process. The hitch is designed to last using robust steel construction that won’t wear out quickly, though it is lighter than you imagine. The lightweight of the trap can allow it to move a bit more than what you’re used to. This isn’t an issue in the least, but you should bear this in mind when driving to avoid going over minor bumps or falls.

It’s also a must to have a sturdy hitch clamp to ensure its effectiveness. Inevitable hitches need to be secured with a light touch. You’ll need to verify the security of the clamp before you go out on the road. This could have to do with the structure of the clamp. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to know that there’s a lifetime warranty for the event that something goes wrong. In this scenario, you’ll get excellent value for money so long you’re willing to utilize the contract. A flaw in this price won’t last for as long as something similar to the Kuat.

It could be worthwhile to get this product when you are sure that you’re not likely to frequent use it or if it’s an event that is only once in a while, for example, an inter-country trek or sporting event.

However, even though it’s durable sufficient to last a long time, we wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term solution to your bike rack requirements. You’ll need to choose something more durable.


  • Patented tie-down system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy
Good for Light Bikes
  • Two-bike capacity
  • Adjusts to different bike frame sizes
  • 35 lbs per bike

Let’s take a look at what we can learn about the Swagman CX Cross-Country Mount Rack. It can hold two bikes at a time. Some modifications allow you to change to a larger four-bike version. Each arm can have a bike that weighs 35 pounds or more. Weight, making it the ideal choice for smaller bikes or bikes for kids. Even with this lightweight, the arms are quite adaptable, even for bigger tires and bikes with varying sizes and lengths.

Due to the weight limit, more significant bicycles and tire sizes will naturally face more incredible difficulty than smaller models. This means that if you are riding more niche models, such as a carbon-frame bike, it’ll feel at the right place with this type of hitch. Using the arms won’t accommodate large tires without an extra feature that you might not be able to afford the money to purchase.

The hitch is equipped with an anti-wobble device which makes the bolts tighter than the other models. This is great, considering that the lock on the tires aren’t the strongest we’ve ever seen, and you’ll be advised to double-check the locks before beginning any off-road or bumpy journey. However, the experience of driving is comfortable and quiet, thanks in large part to an anti-wobble system.

The hitch is constructed by its central arm design, which folds down for super simple access. It could be that this means that kids can load their bikes or provide more comfort for all loaders. This is a great feature that is worthy of attention. The whole thing is straightforward to set up.


  • Very versatile for different bike types
  • Anti-wobble hitch device
  • Easy to install
  • Center arms fold down for easy access


  • Can’t fit fat tires without accessory purchase
  • Weak tire locks
Great for Families
  • Four-bike capacity

This Tyger Automobile Deluxe Carrier Rack comes with enough arms to accommodate four bikes. These bikes may differ in both weight and design and therefore, feel free to mix and match them or transport an entire family of bikes on one rack. This rack provides added security due to the additional straps that are included when you purchase it.

In essence, in addition to the usual arm clamps that come with a bike rack hitch, This model also comes with a safety strap that can be tied around a bike that is too smaller than the arms or the entire collection if you aren’t worried about the frames colliding during transport. This implies that the degree of security that you can attain by combining the arms using the strap is greater than the hitches of other competitors.

We did, however, find that the arms themselves weren’t entirely as secure as other models we’ve examined. This is why the safety strap is a must when your bikes do not easily fit into the clamps for arms.

Make this a consideration when you’re choosing the bikes you’ll need for an upcoming ride. A bike cable is provided for added security while you’re parking or for general driving. The arms fold when not in use to make it easy to park and store, and the entire device can move downwards to enable you to load bikes easier. This is ideal for bikes that are heavy especially.

The hitch is typically simple to set up. However, some hitches may not be able to fit correctly on the first go. This could require some inventive machine work or additional weight to ensure the fitting. It’s either way; it’s an issue that you need to take note of. It’s generally true that 1.25-inch hits are a bit better than 2-inch ones suitable for this rack.

The Tyger Carrier Rack is also the most practical bike rack with a hitch in the market because it offers so many features for a reasonable price. It is the only rack that can carry four bikes simultaneously and come with accessories such as security straps and cable locks for this price. It’s economical and holds the capacity of four bicycles makes it an excellent choice if you’re an entire family with an item they’d like to take on an excursion to the beach.


  • Durable construction
  • Tilt down feature and foldable arms
  • Bike cable lock and safety strap included
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t fit some hitches
  • Bikes sometimes sway without the strap
  • Two-bike capacity
  • 35 lbs per bike

The BV Bike Hitch Mount Carrier is a different rack that was designed for lighter, smaller bikes that do not exceed 36 pounds for each frame. It can hold two bikes simultaneously and has specially designed loops and padded arms to hold the bikes more securely. This is ideal for smaller and lighter bikes as they tend to bounce more easily and slide off arms more often than their larger counterparts.
The rack uses anti-wobble bolts, which reduce the chance of the possibility of rust and jostling. All the focus on security from the bikes with smaller sizes makes it an ideal choice when you own carbon-frame bikes or transporting bikes for children.

However, the jaws that can be adjusted for the clamps aren’t constructed with the same amount of metal as the other parts part of the set. This means you could see signs of corrosion or disrepair on this portion of the hitch, though it was not something we’re personally concerned about. It’s something to be aware of when loading your bike. Check the segments regularly to ensure that nothing is deteriorating fast enough. If they’re starting to rust, treat it using the appropriate chemical and an abrasive.

Parts replacement can be obtained at the factory in case of damage. However, we think that this is not likely to be required unless the rack is placed outside in rainy conditions for an extended amount of time. The main risk for the thin segments of the rack is sudden swerving or turning, which can cause strain on these sections. Be careful driving with bikes in the rear of your car, however.

Additionally, the hitch is also a problem because it does not function with the size that it claims it will fit. It will take some effort to make it work in place, but once you’ve got it to your vehicle, you’ll see that it is highly secure, particularly in comparison to the cheaper racks for hitches. Overall, it’s not a significant flaw compared to its many benefits, like the reflector plate set against the back provides better nighttime visibility. It’s a fantastic hitch rack for transporting bicycles for kids.

It is easy to load it with the tilt-back access and the ability to fold in half while you park or even when not active.


  • Loops and padded arms integrated into the design
  • Safety rear reflector included
  • Anti-wobble design
  • Tilt-back and fold-up functionality


  • Hitch hole may need trimming
  • Adjustment jaws aren’t very thick
Accepts Fat Tires
  • Two-bike capacity
  • 60 lbs per bike
  • 5” diameter “fat” tires acceptable

Then, let’s examine an Overdrive Hook-Mounted Rack. This rack can accommodate two bikes at once and can support “fat” quality tires that measure about five inches wide. This means that bigger bikes will fit in this rack, primarily as it can help bikes that weigh up 60 pounds. These two features alone will make this rack an ideal option for you when you own larger bikes or models with oversized tires.

The clamps for wheels are adjustable. Should you have bikes with smaller wheels, however, like everything else this rack offers.

In all, the rack has one of the safest clamps we’ve seen on racks for hitches. This is particularly crucial for fat tires’ acceptability because they can be challenging to maintain due to their weight. Even if you don’t own bikes with fat tires, you may value the additional security offered with these clamps.

The rack is effortless to set up and comes with a quick-release mechanism and a pivot that tilts. It allows you to take bikes from an angle lower than their height when mounted and does it without the need to fight the arms or alter them before. This additional convenience is an excellent system that makes the actual use of the rack simple. This is something many racks do not allow to ensure security. Even with the quick-release mechanism, you should feel very secure and stable throughout any journey in the car.

The packaging included and your purchase is of a poor standard, which could appear to be an odd complaint. It made putting the rack to put it together much more complicated than it needed to be. Also, while the rack is equipped with an illuminated panel to help with evening visibility, we discovered that the plastic cover was incredibly cheap and will not last very long if struck by something. In the end, there are no significant flaws regarding a great hitch rack.

Anti-wobble screws have been integrated into the design to lessen vibrations during transport and provide more peace of mind and security when it comes to frame-to-frame.


  • Quick-release tilt design
  • Adjustable wheel clamps
  • Easy to install and comes with rear reflector
  • Anti-wobble system


  • Reflector plastic isn’t durable
  • Bad packaging
Heavy Duty and Tough
  • 80 lbs per bike
  • Two-bike capacity

The Leader Accessories Hitch is a two-bike rack that can be used to transport bikes with greater weight than any we’ve examined in the past, with a maximum weight of eighty pounds for each unit. This capacity will be an advantage when you’re trying to carry bikes that be a real pain on off-road trails, for example, sturdy mountain bikes as well as racing bikes designed for rugged trails.

Due to this capacity, you’ll notice the rack itself is weighty and bit awkward. The installation of the rack could be a bit difficult due to its alignment being challenging to maintain, and your vehicle may not be what was envisioned by the maker.

It’s still compatible with all auto hitches of the proper dimension, but we wouldn’t be shocked when you have to pour on some effort to keep the thing fixed.

However, the rack is constructed with superior quality and features that will make an effort and cost worthwhile. Arms can be swivelled down to make it easier for taking and unloading as well. When the rack isn’t used, it can be folded against the vehicle, even slightly heavy. Bolts that are non-wobble are part of the rack’s structure to solidly secure heavy bikes. The weight of the bikes could cause damage to the vehicle, or one another, which is why we’re happy to know that they put in the time to ensure they could take on the rigours that a pair of 80-pound bikes could bring.

These bolts may be rusting a bit more rapidly when compared to the other parts of the rack. However, periodic cleaning or cleaning (which you’re probably already doing) will solve these problems. Overall, we recommend this product as a heavy-bike solution if you’re comfortable having to put your back in securely installing the rack.


  • Easy tilt-down access
  • Adjustable mounting saddles
  • No-wobble bolts
  • Easy fold-down arms


  • Does not align well with all vehicles
  • Bolts may rust quickly
High-Quality and Compact
  • Two-bike capacity
  • 50 lbs per bike

Then, let’s examine this Hollywood Rack. Hollywood racks are popular in the cycling community due to their longevity and quality, and we can see this reflected in this rack. This rack can hold two bikes with a median weight of 50 pounds. It can be installed without the need for a lot of tools. The rack is equipped with a non-wobble feature to lock the bikes to the ground and quiet while driving.

Security cables were included with the purchase. They are a great addition to the total cost and aren’t that expensive considering the quality and durability of the rack. These cables can be used to deter the purpose or make sure that the bikes placed on the rack aren’t moving around.

The wheel clamps can be adjusted for a range of bike models. However, it can’t be used with fat tires. Except for that one, likely, all kinds of bikes you’d like to take to ride around are possible using this hitch rack.

The fold-up feature on this rack can be efficient, and it will lay flat against your vehicle when it’s in place. It could pose a problem in the event of an accident since it could smash into your rear window in the case in the event of an incident. It’s not a doubt that it’s helpful when you have to squeeze your car into an overcrowded garage or parking space.

The wheel holders can be adjusted, and, as we’ve found, regardless of the setting, they held the wheels with enough force to ensure that you are satisfied with the security that you’ll get. Specific cables are included in the purchase to provide an extra layer of safety or security when you’re away from your vehicle for only a few minutes.

The rack is cumbersome, so be ready to work your muscles when you put it in place or move it to fold it up against your car. Additionally, adjustable arms can be difficult to move and control. Both of these are the result of how strong this rack is. The rack is a compromise between convenience for durability and long life. Since racks are already priced at an astronomical amount, we concluded that the cost is worth the cost. If you’d rather own an enduring rack that requires only a bit of effort to move rather than a less expensive but simpler model you’ll need to replace after a couple of years, you’ll need to replace it too.


  • Includes security cables
  • Flattens against a car and tilts down for easy access
  • No-wobble installation without the need for complex tools
  • Adjustable wheel holders


  • Not super easy to adjust
  • Heavy

Buying Guide

Once you’ve seen a list of the top hitch bike racks that are available on the market, let us discuss how to discern if a rack is worth the price. There are many critical elements of commonality to excellent hitch racks and some great features but aren’t essential to the best product.

The most important features to be looking for in a hitch bike rack are adjustable arms. These measurements are suited to your requirements folding or collapsibility, robust construction, and a locking system that is compatible with 1.25 or 2 inches hitches. These features allow you to utilize the majority of hitch racks on the majority of vehicles. They can be considered to be the primary features that define the versatility and appeal of these racks.

On the other hand, the benefits that are nice to have but not required are safety straps, additional cables. They also have no-wobble bolts or similar technology, foot pedals for adjustment, tilt-down function, and four slots for double the typical amount of bicycles. We’ll go over how each of these features will benefit you in the following paragraphs.

Adjustable Arms

The majority of racks come with adjustable arms within a specific size of tire that is around 2-4 inches. Some will be smaller or taller. It’s uncommon for bike hitches to be equipped with arms that can accommodate “fat” tires with diameters of 5 inches or greater.

Adjustable arms are a crucial feature to consider when searching for a bike rack with a hitch. What is the significance of this? There are many different bike tires. Identical, and choosing a hitch rack with arms that match your bike’s tire size is likely to be nearly impossible. Instead of locating the best combination and restricting your rack usage to a specific size tire, the adjustable arms let users utilize the same rack on various bikes.

If you do have tires that are fat and meet those specifications, you’ll have to ensure that the arms of your hitch are strong enough to support your bike, or you’ll end up wasting hundreds of dollars in the end for nothing.

Fortunately, the range of tires that can be used to hitch can be located on the packaging in the physical store or on the product’s page. It is a vital technical element, so be sure you double-check before making a purchase.


This refers to the size of the rack for hitching and the dimension of the vehicle. It’s essential to select an appropriate rack that will fit your vehicle. A majority of these racks are likely to work for standard-sized pickup trucks or SUVs However;, it is advisable to double-check to be specific.

If you’re trying to find the most suitable bike rack for trailers, look for one that’s small enough that it doesn’t create a lot of drag to your turn. Trailers are already challenging to manoeuvre without a too long rack, which can cause accidents or make driving more difficult. Consider shorter, less bulky racks, as opposed to the more enormous, more spacious racks. This might mean you can’t find the best four-bike rack—the most effective cyclist rack attached to the trailer.


The second major thing to think about when selecting the ideal bike rack is its foldability. This sort of feature is essential because you’re not likely to need to remove the rack each time you have to park your vehicle in the garage or make more space in the streets of your locality. When your bikes aren’t in use, there’s no reason to require that rack’s length to increase.

Foldable bike racks are dramatically smaller because of their ability to press against your vehicle. This lets you put the rack away and secure it to the hitch even when not used, saving your time and precious garage space. Although most bike racks feature the ability to fold into their designs, some are out there that do not have this essential feature. If space is limited in terms of parking, this feature is a must on your rack.

The heavier bike hitch racks are likely to be more difficult to carry up and place in your vehicle. If you’re having trouble carrying 50 pounds or more, you’ll have to locate a lighter item to enable you to manoeuvre it to benefit from this feature easily.


After that, make sure to check how long-lasting the rack will last. It is done by looking through the product’s description and looking for words related to the type of material used in the rack’s design. Most bike hitch racks are constructed of steel or other similar-to-tough metals, and you’ll find such racks wherever you go.

But when it is about screws and pins, it’s not as simple. Specific hitch racks come with pins and screws that are constructed of less durable materials. This isn’t necessarily a real issue, as you will typically find replacements for cheap and quickly. However, screws made of metal are always the best choice since they usually provide better security and a better fit to all the rack parts.

If possible, you can opt for a model made of metal when choosing your bike rack to hitch. However, if you need to choose one with plastic parts, it’s not all that bad. A majority of the expensive or high-end bike hitch racks are made of plastic entirely, but it’s not always the case.

Common Lock

The lock on the hitch must take the size of the hitch that the vehicle comes with. As you likely don’t have a particular hitch that is unique with specific dimensions, you’ll be able to bet that the ideal size of your hitch is between 1.25 to 2 inches. That means you need to locate a rack for your hitch, rated for hitches of this size and nothing else.

Specific racks are designed for hitches with a diameter of 2 inches. This limits the options available. However, there are numerous racks available to accommodate different sizes of hitches or can be adjusted to a certain degree. In essence, this is a different thing to double-check when measuring before making any purchase.

The best approach to manage each of these issues is to research the vehicle you’ll use with the rack for your hitch and take these measurements yourself, then write the details down and search for the most suitable bike rack because the majority of them are designed to fit the most hitch-ready automobiles that you won’t have difficulties finding one that is suitable for the vehicle you want to use.

Safety Straps

Let’s now look at the additional features to look for. They’re a fantastic addition to any bike rack with a hitch as they instantly increase the security of the rack. Safety straps provide an extra layer of stability to bikes secured in the clamps.

The majority of safety racks can be attached to straps according to your requirements, so they can be used for only one bike in the case of a bike that’s too small for the clamps. You can also wrap the strap around your entire collection of bikes to keep them in a tight, secure position. It’s best not to use this technique if you’re concerned that the frame will scratch one other as they travel.

As an additional security feature, some hitch racks come with safety belts or cords designed to be attached to bikes to guard against vandalism or theft. They typically come with a lock or a key and are ideal for protecting your bike when you need to leave your vehicle for a brief period.

Although they’re helpful, they’re not essential and should be viewed as an added value to an investment you were likely to make due to different reasons. If you’re looking for security cords to prevent theft, however, they’re not included in your favourite bike rack, it is possible to purchase them at a lower cost and then add the cords to your existing kit.


Many of the top hitch bike racks have some form of anti-wobble device or other feature, usually made up of highly tight screws or an adjustable head that moves in tandem with the vehicle’s motion. It is a way to stop your bikes from wobbling or shaking and has three advantages.

In the beginning, it will make them quieter when you drive. If you’ve experienced wobbly bikes in the past, you’re aware that listening to them squeak and rattle make one’s nerves tingle quickly. Anti-wobble accessories are beneficial because they keep bikes from scraping or rubbing against each other. They also stop bikes from slipping off the clamps if they were not secured correctly. This kind of error is possible when you drive on terrain with numerous bumps within a short time.

Pieces of technology that aren’t wobbly aren’t necessary, but they boost any particular rack’s worth in our minds. It’s likely to be more critical for those driving off-road to go mountain biking or similar. If you’re planning to drive on asphalt roads, it’s not as essential and is just an excellent option to be able to.

Foot Pedals

They’re great if you dislike bending and fiddle with the complex controls or levers to adjust specific bike racks. They allow you to utilize your feet to adjust, lower the rack for hitching and release the bikes depending on the specific function. The purpose of the pedal for your foot will depend on the specific rack you are using; therefore, pay careful review of the product’s description to ensure that it’s there to accomplish what you want to do.

This feature could be beneficial if you cannot handle the pressure and weight demands to adjust the majority of new hitch racks. Consider who’s using the racks and who will be moving bikes around before deciding if you’ll require a foot pedal to adjust specific.


A tilt-down function is in the same lines as the pedal on foot and allows you to move bikes onto or off the hitch rack quickly. However, the tilt feature should be reset when you’re done, as it may drag against the ground while you go away if not paying attention.

In general, bike racks will not be as high above the ground that this is a required feature, but it could be helpful depending on the specific motorist or user.

The tilt-down function must be examined regularly to ensure that it locks to its original position before driving or folding the rack against your car to park it. This joint is prone to rust and damage; therefore, checking for the signs of problems regularly will prevent an issue later.

Four Slots

The majority of hitch bike racks can only hold two bikes together. If you intend to take more bikes, consider a four-bike rack that can carry all your bikes at once. Keep in mind that such racks will be nearly always heavier than the two-bike models and might require a bit more effort to set up and adjust.

For racks with four bikes, features like tilt-down capabilities and anti-wobble tech are much more required than racks with two bikes. You’ll have to deal with multiple bikes at once, So the higher-end of rack you purchase, the more durable. It’s worth looking into the most expensive rack rather than the other because it’s likely to have these kinds of features straight out of the box and include things like safety straps to ensure that jogging will not be a problem.

Also, it would help to note the dimensions of four-bike racks because some cars are not large enough to accommodate the number of bikes. The smaller your car, the more careful you need to think about this issue.

The majority of four-bike racks won’t have enough space to accommodate bikes with fat tires. However, there are some exceptions in this regard. Most of the time, you’ll be likely to find two-bike racks that accommodate fat tires, however.


Most importantly, it would help if you chose the bike rack with the hitch best for you regardless of what reviews say or what’s most popular on the market. These are devices designed to assist both bikes and riders; however, they’ll not be effective when you purchase a rack that’s not compatible with the tires of your bike, for instance. Additionally, we suggest paying attention to cost and considering how long you will be using the rack.

When it comes to cost, it is always best to buy a better quality bike rack that lasts you for many years instead of purchasing an inferior bike rack at less than the initial cost. This is because a low-quality bike rack is more likely to fail and cause problems when you keep using it.

It’s both costly financially and could pose a risk because you’re towing bikes to the rear of your vehicle, and that’s not the best thing. Finding a rack that isn’t required to replace every year will likely reduce your overall expenses and protect your bikes as well as your vehicle.

In the end, choosing the most suitable choice for your hitch bike rack will satisfy you far more than just settling. Making the mistake of settling for safety equipment is not the best choice, and we hope this article has provided you with all the details you require to select the ideal hitch bike rack to meet your requirements. Being aware of the items you’ll need to purchase and why it’s worth the price is the best way to cut down on time and cost and ensure your satisfaction with the purchase. No matter if you’re planning to go mountain biking or enjoying a scenic ride with your kids at parks, we hope you will enjoy your time riding your bike with your newly purchased rack! Ensure you have an electric battery charger, an air pump, and other essential things for your vehicle.

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