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Best Electric Unicycle For 2021 Reviews & User Buying Guide

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Ok, an electric unicycle, like the self-balancing scooter but extraordinary. The two gadgets share a great deal, for instance, they are both electric elective transportation techniques that have acquired energy in the present day. Notwithstanding, while hoverboards have not been around for quite a while frame, the unicycle has.

Best Electric Unicycles Illustration

It is not completely known when or where the principal unicycle was assembled. Nonetheless, it is by and large acknowledged that path back in 1866, a guy called James Stanley designed an exceptionally remarkable kind of bike which was believed to be the motivation for the unicycle.

Consistently, the unicycle has been utilized in films, theater, and as a staple in the carnival, which gave it standing as a one-wheeled vehicle that was just utilized for execution purposes and not as an elective technique for transportation. All that started to change during the 1980s when a few guys who were into outrageous games saw the unicycle and enjoyed the plan, to such an extent that they adjusted it for going 4×4 romping.

From that point forward, the unicycle has advanced into the electric unicycle. With interesting highlights and high motor, it acquired another standing for metropolitan or rough terrain exploring. Albeit not as mainstream as the hoverboard, the unicycle has a long history that returns hundreds of years.



King Song 16X 2200W Electric Unicycle with 1554Wh Battery

Top Speed: 31 MPH
Range: 65 miles
Weight: 51.8 lbs
Motor: 2200W
Wheel Size: 16×3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Impressive 65-mile range and 31 mph cruising speed
  • Upgrade from the standard King Song design
  • Great additional features like speakers and high-density lighting

The main thing we saw about this powerful unicycle is the reach. Per charge, it can offer 65 miles. We have the battery to thank for that. It has a limit of 1554Wh. The motor is great also, with 2200 watts of force. That gives accelerates to 31 mph. Worried about strength when you’re going so quick? The extra-wide 16×3-inch tires excel on an assortment of surfaces. There’s likewise a seat alternative in the event that you expect getting worn out after numerous miles. To charge the unicycle, it takes around 4 hours to get to 80%, when you’re utilizing a 5A quick charger.

The King Song 16X addresses an update from the past King Song unicycles. There have been a few changes to the firmware, regulator, and water assurance. You actually don’t have any desire to ride this in a downpour, however it’s fine to ride in light downpour or when the ground is wet. The 16X is genuinely lightweight (51.6 pounds) contrasted with its rivals, yet sturdy. It can hold as much as 330 pounds. At the point when you’re not riding the wheel, it’s not difficult to ship with the retractable amalgam trolleying handle. Different highlights incorporate quad-5W speakers, a 10W sub-woofer, and high-thickness LED lighting.



Gotway MTen3 – 10 inches Performance Unicycle with 22 mph max Speed 460WH 84V

Top Speed: 23 MPH
Range: 25-30 miles
Weight: 22 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 10 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Three battery capacity options
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Affordable for beginners

While thinking about the MTen3, you can browse three battery capacities: 325Wh, 420WH, or 512Wh. The greater limit will get you more reach for a limit of 30 miles. The more modest batteries will get you around 25 miles, contingent upon your speed. At its quickest, you can get to 23+ mph, on account of the 800-watt motor. This unicycle was not worked for unpleasant streets, so consistently be cautious when riding quick.

The greatest selling point for this unicycle is its smaller size. It weighs only 22 pounds and can hold as much as 240 pounds. At the point when collapsed, it’s just 11” x 5.6” x 17.7″ It fits away regions where different wheels would be too huge. The tire is 10-inches, so it’s most appropriate for smooth territory.

This little unicycle probably won’t be the quickest electric unicycle or one that can travel truly far, however it accompanies incredible force for its size. It’s additionally at an incredible value point for beginners. In case you’re new to electric unicycles, you probably won’t know whether you’ll cherish it, so you would prefer not to put away a huge load of cash. You additionally need a solid unit. The MTen3 is an incredible decision.

Top Speed: 21.7 MPH
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 32 lbs
Motor: 1000W
Wheel Size: 16 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Upgrade from V8
  • Bigger pedals and tire
  • Features fit with mid-range expectations

If you like the look of the V8, but want something a bit better without breaking the bank, the upgraded V8F is worth considering. It has a higher cruising speed of 21.7 mph thanks to the 1000 watt motor. The range is a bit longer as well, so you get 22 miles under ideal conditions. The battery capacity is a bit larger (518Wh), so it takes 3 ½ hours to charge to 80%.

The pedals and wheel are also worth noting. The pedals on this unicycle are large at 9.5-inches, so they’re great for people with bigger feet. You’ll be able to balance better and the ride will be much more comfortable. The wheel is 16-inches, but the unicycle weighs 32 pounds, which is only 2 pounds heavier than the V8. You get a larger wheel without losing portability.

This isn’t the most powerful electric unicycle out there, but if you wish the V8 offered just a little more, the V8F is the better choice. It’s a great mid-range wheel with a price to match.



Gotway MCM5-14 inches Performance Unicycle Torque Champion 800wh/84V

Top Speed: 23-25 MPH
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 37 lbs
Motor: 1500W
Wheel Size: 14 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Nicknamed “The Mountain Climber”
  • Fastest cruising speed for a 14’’ wheel
  • Fairly compact size

if you have a lot of slopes in your space and are worried about getting up them with an electric unicycle, you’ll need the MCM5. It’s viewed as the best unit for this reason on account of its amazing force and speed increase. It has a 1500W sustained motor and battery limit of up to 800Wh. That sort of force enables the wheel to get up slopes without any problem.

The reach is likewise acceptable at around 40 miles, contingent upon the conditions, while you can get up 23-25 mph. Gotway says this is the quickest cruising speed for any 14-inch wheel. That accompanies a few dangers, however, as more modest wheels tend to not proceed too with more unpleasant streets. You’ll need to hold your speed down in the event that you see potholes and other landscape issues.

For all its force, the MCM5 is minuscule. It weighs 37.2 pounds and can hold as much as 250 pounds. In light of its smaller size, it can make sharp turns all the more without any problem. It additionally has an extendable handle to make transportation more helpful. There isn’t a speaker on this unicycle, however, it is calm and has customizable hued LED strips on top.

Top Speed: 31 MPH
Range: 60 miles
Weight: 59.5 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Wheel Size: 18×3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Fast speed and long-range
  • Many improvements from older units in the series
  • Great tire and stability

We have a few Inmotion electric unicycles on this rundown, however the V11 is the most amazing and very good quality. It’s outfitted with a 2000 watt motor and a 1420Wh battery limit. That gets you a cruising pace of around 31mph, which is a redesign from the 25mph on the V10. For range, riders can expect around 57 miles at a 20mph cruising speed.

The V11 has numerous firsts, including the kind of batteries it employments. The 21700 cells are installed with a particular goal in mind, so the focal point of gravity is decreased. The wheel is additionally more slim than different unicycles with comparable specs. There’s incorporated pedal suspension, automative-grade lighting, a coordinated collapsing stand, and another streetcar handle plan.

Concerning the tire and rider solidness, there’s another 18×3” inch. This enormous tire is incredible for more unpleasant landscape like earth trails, The pedal suspension assists with steadiness altogether, as well. The noteworthy V11 weighs around 60 pounds and can hold as much as 300 pounds. On the off chance that you like the Inmotion brand and need the best of what they have to bring to the table, you’ll be exceptionally content with the V11.


Why would you get an electric unicycle over an electric skateboard or scooter? In general, EUCs can travel further and faster. While there is a steeper learning curve, this electric vehicle is great for green commuters and adventure-seekers who like to zoom down roads at high speeds.

Comb through our top picks when you’re shopping for an electric unicycle and always keep in mind considerations like speed and range, wheel size, safety, and cost. Many even have Bluetooth speakers and other cool features. Electric unicycles have come a long way over the years and they keep getting better.

The Ultimate Electric Unicycle Buying Guide

For what reason would you get an electric unicycle over an electric skateboard or scooter? By and large, EUCs can travel further and faster. While there is a more extreme learning curve, this electric vehicle is extraordinary for green commuters and adventure-seekers who like to zoom down streets at high speeds.

Go over our top picks when you’re looking for an electric unicycle and consistently remember contemplations like speed and range, wheel size, safety, and cost. Many even have Bluetooth speakers and other cool highlights. Electric unicycles have made considerable progress throughout the long term and they continue to improve.

Speed and range

When the vast majority are looking at an electric unicycle, they need to know two things: how fast would it be able to get and how far would it be able to go? Battery-controlled unicycles can arrive at extremely high maximum velocities, however, producers don’t suggest keeping up with those maximum velocities for extremely long.

Contingent upon where you reside, there may even be laws about how fast you can go on an electronic vehicle. You ought to likewise know that even 10mph will feel extremely fast to an amateur, yet as you improve, you may begin tingling for more speed. Fortunately, there are numerous unicycles in our top picks that can get 30+ mph.

For suburbanites, the reach will matter, as well. Producers decide range dependent on specific elements like territory and rider weight, so consistently accept a unicycle will in all probability travel, not to the extent the sticker says. You can try not to conceivably lose power out and about by continually keeping your unicycle’s battery level finished off after each ride.

Weight and wheel size

A unicycle’s weight and wheel size give you knowledge into somewhere around two parts of the product: its transportability and how it rides. The heaviness of a unicycle (as light as 22 pounds and hefty as 60 pounds) tells you that it is so natural to haul the unicycle around when you’re not riding and how it moves. By and large, lighter unicycles are simpler to speed up, decelerate, and change courses. Assuming you need more force, however, that takes a greater motor and battery, which adds weight.

Wheel size additionally factors into a unicycle’s convenience. There are a few sizes you’ll see a great deal: 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch. Greater wheels are useful for more unpleasant territory, however, they add weight to the unicycle. More modest ones give you greater dexterity, however, you’re more restricted on where you can ride. When looking at weight and wheel size, ponder the convenience and mobility of the unicycle, and offset that out with how much force you need.

Charge time

What amount of time will it require for your electric monowheel to charge? In case you’re similar to a great many people, the faster the better. You most likely don’t have any desire to keep an eye out for quite a long time. The speed of a unicycle’s charge relies upon how enormous the battery is. The bigger limit batteries will take more time to charge when they’re low.

The vast majority of the unicycles we’ve seen require a few hours. Getting a fast charger can abbreviate the charging time by a lot. You ought to consistently utilize the charger expected for your particular unicycle and not another brand. Try not to allow the battery to deplete right by charging after each ride. This works on the battery’s life expectancy.

Safety features

Like every electric vehicle, electric unicycles accompany risks. There’s an expectation to learn and adapt with riding one wheel, so you ought to consistently practice alert and practice the rudiments of getting on and off the wheel, halting, etc. You ought to likewise take a gander at the solidness of the wheel. Is it defenseless against cracking upon sway? Are there risks related to high speeds, such as overheating? Peruse audits to find out how strong the wheel is.

You ought to likewise twofold check the UL confirmation. Makers that meet severe security tests will get a UL2272 accreditation. In the same way, like other electric vehicles, the absolute first electric unicycles could overheat effectively and turn into a fire danger. The UL2272 confirmation measure was made to build the security of the product. Numerous brands out there are adding extra wellbeing highlights that merit inspecting. InMotion units regularly incorporate speed control and a motor off button.

Another wellbeing highlight to remember is water insurance. Most electric unicycles have some level of water security worked in, however, ensure you know what that implies. It never implies waterproof. You ought to try not to ride in the downpour, yet on the off chance that you do, it ought to just be a light downpour. Make certain to circumvent puddles and consistently store your unicycle inside. In case you’re worried about slipping around in wet conditions, search for pedals with great grasp tape.

The last well-being highlight we need to refer to is headlights and taillights. These are intended for riding in low-light conditions. We don’t suggest taking off for a night ride, yet there are times when permeability can be an issue during the day. Light strength is estimated in lumens. Numerous unicycles will bring up that the lighting has been worked on over past models.

Additional features

Whenever you’re viewed as the fundamental highlights like motor force and security, what else does a unicycle have to bring to the table? Brands realize that individuals need a unicycle that sticks out. An element like a decent quality Bluetooth speaker permits you to play your number one music directly from your telephone.

Not all unicycles have speakers, so make certain to search for it in case you’re intrigued. Versatile application similarity is likewise turning out to be more normal, yet it isn’t standard yet. Numerous unicycles additionally have LED strips on the wheel that you can redo with various tones or examples.


The best cheap electric unicycle will in any case be genuinely expensive, yet with vehicles like EUCs, you get what you pay for. You would prefer not to go so cheap, you’re sacrificing significant highlights and your wellbeing. When looking for an electric unicycle, make a rundown of the multitude of highlights that you accept are “absolute necessities.”

In the event that you discover a unicycle with an appealing cost, yet it’s missing one of those must-have highlights, you in all likelihood will not be glad in the event that you wind up getting it. In our top picks, the most reasonable unicycles were around $1000. The top of the line ones can cost more than $2000. Look out for deals and arrangements if your fantasy unicycle is out of your value range at the present time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We covered a lot of information in this guide on electric unicycles, but you might still have some questions about wheels and what they’re like. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are Electric Unicycles Safe?

The primary question a great many people get some information about electric unicycles is in case they’re protected or not. First thing, they look more terrifying than, say, an electric bike. You don’t have a handlebar and you need to offset with your legs in a surprising position. Therefore, electric unicycles can be dangerous. Nonetheless, in case you’re cautious and practice in a protected, open climate, they are no more hazardous than other electric vehicles. How protected they have relied upon the amount you’re focusing on and your good judgment.

Previously, electric unicycles used to be riskier just dependent on their assembling. Like hoverboards, electric unicycles got somewhat of standing for bursting into flames. That is just a danger in case you’re getting the cheapest unicycle you can discover. The great brands consistently utilize top-notch batteries and different parts, so the danger is exceptionally low. You can additionally guarantee the electric unicycle’s wellbeing by following the legitimate charging suggestions.

Are electric unicycles hard to ride?

After safety, the primary thing an individual ordinarily ponders when they see an electric unicycle is how hard is it to ride? Once more, you don’t have a handlebar. You’re depending just on your capacity to adjust. The vast majority say there’s an expectation to absorb information when figuring out how to ride a unicycle. Regardless of whether you’re knowledgeable about something like an electric skateboard, going to a unicycle could be precarious.

In case you’re fresh out of the plastic new to any sort of electric vehicle, you’ll in all probability need bunches of training to feel good. The one of something kind about electric unicycles is that you should be continually moving to remain adjusted. When the wheel stops, you’ll spill. Practice in a protected, open climate so you don’t collide with any person or thing. Work on accelerating, easing back down, and halting. Continuously keep your speed low until you feel sure.

How fast do electric unicycles go?

The speed of an electric unicycle is attached to its motor force. The more impressive the motor, the faster the vehicle will go.

The cheapest unicycles top at around 10mph, however in our top picks, the slowest is as yet 18mph, which feels exceptionally fast. The better quality units can go 40+ mph, yet producers suggest staying away from that speed for safety reasons. Prior to releasing your unicycle’s full force, know about any laws about speed for individual electric vehicles.

Do electric unicycles require maintenance?

Like any remaining electric vehicles, unicycles do require some support to work at their best as far as might be feasible. As you ride, the tire pressing factor may change, so you’ll have to know what the right pressing factor is and keep up with it. If the tire turns out to be exceptionally exhausted, it’s ideal to supplant it.

The battery likewise requires some consideration. Never permit the battery to deplete to 0%. As we’ve said previously, it’s a smart thought to charge your unicycle after each ride. Store the unicycle inside.

In contrast to normal unicycles, electric ones shouldn’t be greased up or waxed. For cleaning the body, all you need is a microfiber towel. You can likewise utilize compacted air to gather up residue and earth in regions that are more earnestly to reach.

Everything thing you can manage to keep your unicycle-riding solid is to stay away from downpour, snow, and ice. Riding in ice and snow is an outright no-no, yet a little downpour is alright on the off chance that you should. For the wellbeing and life span of your electric unicycle, however, it’s smarter to hang tight for a more pleasant day.

How much does an electric unicycle cost?

EUCs are not cheap. They utilize a lot of parts that should be all around made (like batteries) to be protected. Extra highlights like wheel size, durability, speakers, and more add to the price tag.

By and large, you’ll discover lower-end models costing around $300 (we did exclude anything in this value range in our top picks) with top-of-the-line models beating $2000. Similarly, as with every single electric vehicle, you get what you pay for. For safety and life expectancy, you would prefer not to cheap out on an electric unicycle.

Do I need any kind of safety equipment?

Safety equipment is an absolute necessity with an electric unicycle, similarly as it’s an unquestionable requirement with electric skateboards, hoverboards, and electric bikes. Indeed, even the most experienced unicycle riders fall, and in case you’re simply beginning to learn, you will take a tumble eventually simultaneously.

To shield yourself from serious injury, you need a decent head protector, wrist monitors, elbow cushions, and knee cushions. These are the fundamental bits of safety gear, as wounds to the head, wrist, elbows, and knees are exceptionally normal. For added safety, you can likewise investigate cushioned attire that ensures your chest, shoulders, and hips.

It’s dependent upon you the amount you need to put resources into safety gear yet remember that on the off chance that you decide not to wear it and you get injured, your doctor’s visit expenses may far surpass the cost of stuff. You could likewise wind up with an injury that has serious, long-haul outcomes.

Can you ride on terrain and go uphill?

Not all electric unicycles are intended for more unpleasant landscapes as well as slopes, yet large numbers of them are. You’ll need to see highlights like large tires and high-force motors assuming you need to have the option to handle harsh streets and grades.

A rider’s weight likewise impacts a unicycle’s capacity to get up slopes, so if the brand says their unicycle can go up slopes, take a gander at the suggested weight breaking point and surveys. Likewise, remember that in case you’re anticipating riding landscape like grass or soil trails, you’ll need to keep your speed low for safety reasons.

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